Web3Web3 / Metaverse?Metaverse?

What is the Metaverse and what is this new Web 3 everyone talks about? Is it relevant for you? Let us have a a quick answer for you: yes.

The Metaverse is the collective name for many virtual places where people can meet, watch films, attend concerts , play games, trade & more. Think of it as an interactive 3D Internet where you will have your own personal Avatar and can really immerse yourself with your digital suroundings. This will be the home of the next generation of entertainment experiences. In these new worlds brands need to represent themselves and reach their audiences with creative experiences, ongoing engagements and have an ongoing presence + strategy to stay relevant. This is a huge opportunity for early movers to snatch some market share from the big players or for you to be THE brand mentioned in upcoming lectures when it comes towards the question: who did it right.

WhatWhat we wantwant

We love everything new. This seems some blatant thing to say, but it is honest and our truth. This is what we represent. Truth.

The Truth is, web3 is coming, Metaverses launch nearly everyday and we in the western society are on the lacking end of this revolutionized Web-Experience. 
No More.

We stand fast, we pull through. We are at the midst of great thinkers, revolutionaires of this and upcoming age. Why? For you guys. 
Web3 moves even faster than anything you and us have experienced before, it is impossible to keep up if you  don’t focus your 100% on it. That is why we do it. We keep track, network with unparalalled genius’ around the world to build the most balanced, to wheather any storm, most focused, and most innovative Network with genius’ around the globe. 
You need only one Agency to call: Us. And we uplift your idea to.. let me emphazise it. We skyrocket it!

Our Mission is to guide you to a full understanding for your potential for your company in the metaverse.

Anybody can join the metaverse community, but in which way? Let us help you to make your entry.

Follow the white wombat

It's no use going back to yesterday, because the Internet was different then.

ThisThis is howhow wewe dodo itit

Nohaven Media is your partner to enter the metaverse. Collaborating with our partner network across the globe enables us to guide you straight on the top of the new industry. Our main service is to help you from the bottom by analyzing your current situation in order to elaborate the full potential for your company. Providing you with an on point strategy how to become a real player in the metaverse and not just stay in the audience. We guide you towards a leading position in the upcoming revolution.

After we implement the strategy which will work best customzied towards your set of goals and needs we connect you with your specific partners around the globe to ensure the strategy comes to life and will blossom towards a ripe harvesting season.

AnalyzingAnalyzing & ConsultingConsulting

Web3 Technologies are not only virtual worlds like the Metaverse, but it consists of new marketing and revenue streams. That’s why we at this point will analyze and consult you towards possible revenue and marketing streams for you to harvest. Necessary technoligies are upcoming crypto payment methods, engaging NFTs and as mentioned before possible virtual stores in the metaverses.

ConceptConcept & StrategyStrategy

You’ve heard about NFTs, Metaverse & Web3 but don’t know how your company can be part of? No worries, that’s our job. With our deep experience in the digital marketing industry & our passion for Blockchain technologies we have broken down the mechanics of these new technologies for you.

Become a creator
Focus on creating a network
Choose the right technology for your company

Book your consultation today and take the Nohaven Shortcut straight into the metaverse.

CommunityCommunity & NetworkNetwork BuildingBuilding

To stay relevant, to stay on the top of your game you have to have the backing of the crowd. You can be best and still lose if no one wants to play with you.

Community and Network Building is one of the most underestimated pillars of the upcming Web3 marketing activiy. This is why we consult you and help you build your community thanks to our year long expierences in the gaming industries. We help you connect with the best people for community management and possible discord channels for your business.


Your time is limited so don't waste it by doing everything yourself

WhyWhy us

If you still are not convinced that we are your best shot at a succesful and longlasting Web3 strategy, then we would like you to consider following:

Another reason four you to work with us, and we will quote the great Mike Shinoda from Fort Minor for it, is, that we will stand with our name for it. 

A great approach towards a terrifying new opportunity: Simple and True, like us.

Yeah, for those of you that wanna know what we're all about It's like this y'all (c'mon)



Concentrated power of will



Reason to remember the name

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